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I am a bit of a hippy at heart, although I am a bit to young to have been a flower child (I was a New Romantic as a teenager). I love the individuality and colourfulness of the arty, hippy style and like to express that love of colour in my jewellery and I seem to be increasingly drawn to nature as inspiration for my beadwork.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Winter Light - Stash Search

I really enjoyed the process of making Earth Song, both the new approach that I tried and blogging the progress, so I thought I would try it again. This time the theme that came to me as I searched through my stash was Winter Light.

Here are the results of my stash search, not quite as much as for Earth Song, but still plenty to inspire me, I think.

A close up of a few possible focal beads, including the gorgeous blue round from Lush Lampwork.

I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous sparkly selection of beads from Spellbound Beads for being featured in Bead Magazines Readers Challenge in the Winter Sparkle issue.

And finally, I am hoping to use these lovely pearls.

I tidied up my bead box while searching and discovered 2 packs of needles that I didn't know I had. I am usually desperate for needles, so it will be a nice change to not be down to my last one & hoping that I don't snap it before I get a new delivery.

Happy beading!



NEDbeads said...

What a yummy selection to choose from! It will be gorgeous - and have fun with it!!!

Sally Anderson said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with -- such great stash to use!

Pookledo said...

I won a pack of the same beads from being in the readers challenge section too :) They are lovely!

De quita y pons said...

Que bien ver tantas bolitas juntas!!!!!! me encantan