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I am a bit of a hippy at heart, although I am a bit to young to have been a flower child (I was a New Romantic as a teenager). I love the individuality and colourfulness of the arty, hippy style and like to express that love of colour in my jewellery and I seem to be increasingly drawn to nature as inspiration for my beadwork.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Winter Light - Progress 2

Here is Winter Light at about the half way stage. This kind of random beading is very out of my comfort zone! I am just going with the flow and letting the beads tell me what to do. It is quite an enjoyable process although I am finding it difficult to know whether or not I actually like the result. Hopefully when the cuff is put together and edged, I will like it more.

Happy beading!



Gemma said...

Looks gorgeous Sarah and looking forward to seeing it completed

Halinka said...

The bracelet is going to be very beautiful.I like the colors and the selection of beads.
Now,thanks to Your following blog posts I can also observe the technique of beading embroidery.

Charters said...

Its beautiful! The colours are gorgeous. I've not done a cuff yet and wouldn't have thought about doing it that way round - certainly makes sense to! I always imagined people did them lengthways if you know what I mean.

Peapod Beads said...

Looking really nice so far. Just beware of the shrinkage factor and offer the embroidery up to the blank from time to time in case you have to extend the length a bit, I fell foul of that and had to brick stitch an extension to one cuff I embroidered!

Sarah said...

Thank you for your lovely comments! I did check it frequently, if anything I made it a touch too long, how typical! FO pics soon xx